Through a unique blend of research, market intelligence and effective communication services, Mercom Capital Group gives its clients the edge they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Mercom is a thought leader and highly respected for its in-depth knowledge in cleantech and healthcare information technology marketplaces.

Mercom’s research and consulting division provides market intelligence, industry reports and consulting services for companies in cleantech and healthcare IT industries. We provide companies the tools and know-how to make sound decisions, stay ahead of the market and penetrate new markets. Mercom’s market intelligence is followed by top solar, smart grid, wind and healthcare IT companies and organizations globally.
Mercom Communications is highly regarded for its in depth knowledge and ability to consistently deliver results. We have our pulse on the market at all times and embed our deep industry knowledge and expertise in all of our communication programs. Whether you want to build your profile with industry, business, financial or mainstream media, Mercom Communications can help you get there.